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At The Physio Studio, paediatric physiotherapy is a part of our comprehensive physiotherapy services. Our team of qualified and experienced paediatric physiotherapists specialise in a variety of congenital, developmental, and orthopaedic paediatric conditions. Their experience and friendliness will make your child’s physiotherapy session fun and engaging, which will motivate them to take interest in their treatment and physiotherapy sessions.

What Is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Children are different from adults, and they need extra care during a physiotherapy session, especially if they are babies or toddlers.

Physiotherapists who work in the paediatrics department have much more knowledge with children and babies than an average physiotherapist who only works with adults. A paediatric physiotherapist has both theoretical and practical knowledge, clinical experience with children with different conditions, physiotherapy skills and expertise.

Conditions Paediatric Physiotherapy Can Benefit

1. Torticollis / Club Feet / DDH / Over-Riding Toes / Under-Riding Toes

These are common conditions seen in babies presented at birth. Torticollis is a congenital disorder that causes the head to tilt to one side. Clubfeet is a condition whereby one or both feet are turned inwards. Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a condition whereby the hip joint is not properly formed in babies. The toes may be over-riding or under-riding in babies. Often these condition is are diagnosed at birth, but it can happen after birth as well. Early intervention can help manage the condition and protect your child from more complications that may develop due to the condition.

2. Toe Walking / Intoeing Gait

Toe walking is a habit rather than a condition. In toe walking, a child walks on his toe habitually or unknowingly. Through exercises and activities, a paediatric physiotherapist can help your child achieve normal heel to toe gait pattern.

3. Posture

With the increased gadget dependency among children, a number of posture issues have been reported among children. The good news is that these issues can be easily resolved with paediatric physiotherapy.


4. Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition of unknown cause that may cause the spine to curve sideways during puberty (10-16 years old). Physiotherapy is needed to slow down the progression of the curve and maintain the curve till end of growth period. Bracing may be indicated depending on the severity of the curve.

5. Sports Injuries

Children and adolescents may experience injuries as a result of sports or physical activities. A paediatric physiotherapist can assess the extent of injuries and prescribe an appropriate management plan.

6. Pes Planus

It is common for children and adolescent to have pes planus or flat feet. A paediatric physiotherapist can assess the severity of the flat feet and prescribe exercises and orthotics to slow down the progression of flat feet.

7. Coordination

Lack of hand-eye coordination is a common problem that is easily treated by a paediatric physiotherapist. Consult a paediatric physiotherapist if your child is having trouble catching a ball. She will identify the source of the problem and plan a course of treatment accordingly.


8. Developmental Delay

If your child is not achieving developmental milestones at their appropriate age, a paediatric physiotherapist can do a detailed assessment and tailor an individualized treatment plan to increase muscle strength, reduce muscle tightness and improve balance to improve their age appropriate developmental milestones.

9. Cerebral Palsy / Down Syndrome And Other Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder in which a child’s ability to maintain balance and posture is affected. Down syndrome is a condition in which a child has low muscle tone and developmental milestones may be delayed. Starting paediatric physiotherapy at a young age can strengthen muscles, prevent muscle tightness and help your child maintain balance and develop motor skills.

10. Low Tone

Low tone, or hypotonia, is a condition in which a child has low muscle tone. A child suffering from low tone will have difficulty keeping their head in midline, and their motor skills will also be affected. It is diagnosed in children less than six months old, but adults can have it too. Physiotherapy will help with muscle strengthening and developing motor skills.


What Should You Expect From A Paediatric Physiotherapy Session?

Your paediatric physiotherapy Singapore appointment will be broken down into three steps.

  • In the first stage, the physiotherapist will perform a detailed assessment of your child. Your child’s gross and fine motor skills, developmental milestones and overall physical development are assessed.

  • In the next step, the specialist will identify fields in which your child is lacking and fields in which your child is excelling.

  • Lastly, the specialist paediatric physiotherapist will set goals and develop a treatment plan for your child that will address your child’s shortcomings.


The treatment may include hands-on physiotherapy sessions with the specialist paediatric physiotherapist, some activities to be done at home, and education on how you can contribute to improve your child’s condition.


Why Choose The Physio Studio?

  • Qualified and trained paediatric physiotherapists who will take care of a child like their own.

  • Friendly and welcoming staff and physiotherapists with whom your child are comfortable with.

  • Specially designed and decorated physiotherapy rooms for paediatric physiotherapy.

  • Evidence based practice to improve efficiency of physiotherapy treatments and improve your child’s condition.

  • Electrophysical Modalities may be prescribed if indicated.

  • Interesting and Fun physiotherapy sessions to engage your child while fulfilling physiotherapy goals.

  • Individual and targeted goal setting with parents and child to keep physiotherapy goals aligned and applicable to individual child.

  • A home visit option is available if you are unable to visit our physiotherapy clinic.

  • An affordable solution to all your physiotherapy needs.


Studies have proved that early interventions are beneficial for improving developmental issues in children. So, if you noticed anything unusual with your child, book an appointment with a qualified and experienced paediatric physiotherapy specialist at The Physio Studio. We are offering affordable paediatric physiotherapy services in Singapore.

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