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Have you had surgery? Have your doctor prescribed you post-op physiotherapy?

Or you are having difficulty getting back to your routine life?

You need post surgery physiotherapy which is often recommended by doctors as well. Exercises performed by physiotherapists help strengthen your muscles and ligaments which have been weakened by bed rest after surgery.

All you need to do is contact The Physio Studio and our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists will help you get back to your normal life. Our physiotherapy clinic is fully equipped with the latest physiotherapy equipment to provide you with the best service.

What Is Post-Surgery Physiotherapy?

Post surgery physiotherapy is a crucial part of complete recovery and is often started at the hospital after surgery. It is a process of re-establishing muscles, and joints, and restoring the body to its full strength. The procedure encompasses several physiotherapy sessions and exercises. The duration of post-surgery physiotherapy mainly depends on the surgery you had and your muscle strength and it can take from one month to a year to gain back your full body strength.

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Types Of Post Surgery Therapy

There is a range of different post surgery therapy programs and you will be recommended one or a combination of different programs according to your condition.

  • Post-Surgery Massage: It helps improve blood circulation and lymphatic fluid in your body and increases the oxygen level in tissues and organs which helps reduce stiffness and swelling.

  • Post-Surgery Exercise: It helps speed up your healing process and improve your mobility. Moreover, it also improves your mental health.

  • Teaching The Use Of Crutches: Walking with crutches is a difficult task. At The Physio Studio, we will help you get used to the crutches with our specially designed facility.

  • Helping To Walk And Run Again: Certain surgeries require you to stay in bed for a long period of time. This weakens your muscle and you feel you have forgotten how to walk. Our team of qualified and experienced physiotherapists will help strengthen your muscle through exercises and our specially designed physiotherapy facility.


Why Do You Need Post Operation Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps improve your physical movements and is usually started immediately after the surgery at the hospital. However, it is critical to continue the physiotherapy once you have been discharged from the hospital to ensure complete recovery. Our team of highly qualified and well-experienced physiotherapists will help you carry out a range of different physiotherapy exercises and help you regain your complete physical strength.

Some other benefits of post-operation physiotherapy are:

  • Physiotherapy can help improve your posture.

  • Physiotherapy can help reduce pain.

  • Physiotherapy can help you return to your normal life.

  • Physiotherapy can help you become independent and confident.

  • Physiotherapy can help strengthen your weak muscles.

  • Physiotherapy can help stretch your stiff muscles.

  • Mobilization exercises can help increase your mobility.

  • Physiotherapy can also help clear secretion and improve lung volumes.

  • We can advise you to improve your posture to help reduce pain and increase your comfort level.

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Why Choose The Physio Studio?

1. Qualified Physiotherapists

At The Physio Studio, we have a team of a highly qualified physiotherapists who will help you regain your physical strength.

2. Experienced Physiotherapists

Experience is as important as qualification for physiotherapists as it helps physiotherapists to deal with different patients effectively. Experienced physiotherapists at The Physio Studio are able to help patients with a different types of physical problems.

3. Latest Equipment

The Latest physiotherapy is essential for effective physiotherapy treatment. The Physio Studio is a state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic that is fully equipped with all the latest physiotherapy equipment.

4. Friendly Staff

It is the experience that matters the most. Our friendly physiotherapist will make sure that you feel comfortable during the session and will also increase your morale.

5. Home Visits

We also offer home physiotherapy services in Singapore. If you are unable to visit our clinic, our highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist will visit your home or gym to carry out the physiotherapy session.

What are you waiting for? Click here to book an appointment. Our physiotherapy team is waiting to help you through the healing and rehabilitation process. 

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