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Hip Arthritis case study!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Hip Arthritis case study

Continuation from previous Hiparthritis post! Now let us share a case study 😊

Ms X presents herself with:

• Frequent stiffness in the hip in the morning, which eases off with some gentle stretches in less than 30 minutes

• Difficulty to squat or sit on low stools

• Groin pain after daily walks

• Dull achy pain around the buttock region

Being a generally active person, she enjoys practicing yoga and dancing. But with her hip pain getting her way, she decided to seek medical attention. She was given an injection into the hip joint to promote lubrication, reduce inflammation and pain. She was then referred for #physiotherapy here at #thephysiostudiosingapore

The goal was to achieve:

• Improvement in hip range of motion

• Joint and muscle flexibility

• Increase in muscle strength

• Functional mobility


Over the course of one month of physiotherapy, her treatment included:

• Joint mobilization

• Soft tissue massage

• Muscle stretches

• Heat therapy

• Hip strengthening and stability exercises

• Self care management and precautions advise

Despite her results of gradual improvement, physical exercises should be ongoing in order to gain and maintain strong and flexible joints. The number of physiotherapy sessions required for a mild case like hers would be about 4-6 times.

Osteoarthritic pain can flare up from time to time so it is important that you understand how to self manage your symptoms when you experience an onset of pain.

So, what is the take home message? 😉

If you have osteoarthritis, you can still have an active lifestyle with the right treatment and guidance 👍🏻

Disclaimer: The above descriptions is strictly case by case basis. Kindly consult a physician or a physiotherapist for more accurate diagnosis and management



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