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Proprioceptive Training with Blazepods!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

#Proprioceptivetraining is important for maintaining the best possible #physicalfitness. It encompasses exercises for #stability and #coordination, stimulates motor learning, helps in maintaining proper body posture and balance, improves body control and reduce risk of injury.

Studies have proven that proprioceptive training can yield meaningful improvements in #somatosensory (relating to or denoting a sensation such as pressure, pain, or warmth) and #sensorimotorfunction (relating to, or functioning in both sensory and motor aspects of bodily activity sensorimotor skills)

At our studio, we incorporate various ways to train proprioception and one of it is the use of #Blazepods.

How does it help in #Physiotherapy?

1. Boost patient rehab recovery with progressive, measurable training.

2. Restore physical vitality and key cognitive abilities with BlazePod’s physiotherapy exercises and tests.

3. Encourage in patient recovery through exciting and engaging activities that get them moving and healing.

4. Able to track and record live data on the BlazePod app.


The effectiveness of proprioceptive training for improving motor function: a systematic review (

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